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Niedziela, 4 grudnia 2016
05:14 Democrat Strategist on CNN Said ‘We Don’t Need White People Leading Democrats Now’
05:02 Redneck Investin Part 4 - Free on the Fringe
03:55 Tomorrow's Vote In Italy Will Be A "Wide-Ranging F**k Off", And It's Just The Start...
03:40 A Very Concise Explanation Of Why The Democrats Lost (And Will Keep Losing)
03:29 "Meanwhile In Europe..." - The Big Day Arrives
03:00 Trump's Appointments - What Do They Mean?
02:30 A Visual History Of Population In America
01:30 Did The Market Just Flash A Hindenburg Omen Warning?
01:00 Obama TV: Is Obama Planning A "Fake News" Outlet Of His Own?
00:12 No price like home: Big spenders reappear in China
00:10 Jill Stein Drops PA Recount, Blames Lack Of Funds, Slams System That's "Stacked Against Voters"
Sobota, 3 grudnia 2016
09:35 Fed official stands by Wall Street reforms, says must complete work
09:35 Fed official stands by Wall Street reforms, says must complete work
09:17 Aixtron, Fujian to explore what is left of deal after U.S. veto
06:30 Small banks rally pauses but may not be over yet
05:26 China securities regulator chairman condemns "barbaric" company buy-outs by asset managers
02:24 S&P holds South Africa's rating at BBB-, downgrades local debt
Piątek, 2 grudnia 2016
22:29 Airbnb, New York City settle rental law lawsuit
21:55 Wall Street Week Ahead - Small banks rally pauses but may not be over yet
18:08 U.S. presidential commission issues recommendations on cyber security
17:11 U.S. jobless rate falls to nine-year low, payrolls rise
16:39 OPEC deal sends oil spiking 14% in 3 days
16:13 Wall Street little changed as bank rally pauses
15:38 Fed's Tarullo warns against 'backsliding' on bank regulations
15:16 Deutsche Bank cuts ties with 3,400 clients in trading business
14:48 Here Are the CEOS and Wall Street Titans Trump Will Turn to for Advice
13:41 Latin American grads say Google is the dream
13:14 Trump's dilemma: slower job growth or rising rates and inflation?
13:00 EXCLUSIVE - Trump financier Ladder Capital explores sale - sources
12:45 Can Starbucks' new CEO escape the shadow of Howard Schultz?
12:05 Obama's gift to Trump: A 'pretty solid' economy
11:55 Trump taps top CEOs for their views on the economy
11:26 U.S. jobs report: 4 facts to know before its release
10:44 Italy's referendum risks pushing banks over the edge
09:12 Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to step down
08:47 Stocks: 5 things to know before the bell
07:56 Coal minister denies plan to split Coal India, sees no value
07:51 India's coal minister denies plan to split Coal India, sees no value
05:43 South Africa's rand weaker ahead of S&P decision
02:43 Shenzhen-HK stock link lets foreigners access China's booming tech firms
01:16 Asian markets slip following weak overnight close on Wall Street and FTSE
Czwartek, 1 grudnia 2016
19:28 Pimco to pay $20 million to settle SEC probe: WSJ
18:59 Community banks due a break early in Trump term: Hensarling
18:51 Wells Fargo may be forced to face victims in court
17:28 The NAFTA teardown: Here's where Trump could start
17:03 TSX retreats from near 18-month high as bond yields rise
16:49 Canada's TD Bank lowers earnings target in home market
16:22 Venezuela's currency is in 'free fall'
16:20 S&P, Nasdaq dragged lower by tech; Dow hits record close
16:00 Marijuana stock IPO goes up in smoke
14:31 Wall Street steps into Skechers after CEO buys shares
14:13 Caterpillar says Wall Street 'too optimistic' on 2017 profit estimate
14:06 OPEC raises the white flag in battle with U.S.
13:48 Lower food prices weigh on Kroger's profit forecast
13:21 6 million borrowers are 90 days late on their car loans
12:26 Bernie Sanders: Carrier took Trump 'hostage and won'
11:49 Mexico's Trump 'contingency plan' architect to step down
11:25 South Africa's rand flat ahead of S&P review, stocks fall
10:56 Questions resurface about who would succeed longtime Goldman CEO
10:34 Ho ho ho! UPS, FedEx soar on holiday shopping hopes
10:28 Europe building up pipeline of big-league tech IPOs: investors
10:17 SCENARIOS -Beyond banks, investors seek other Italian referendum plays
05:04 Trump's Treasury nominee Steven Mnuchin says tax reform is the country's 'number-one priority'
Poniedziałek, 31 października 2016
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Środa, 17 lutego 2016
12:37 Cheap oil is crushing Middle Eastern countries
Poniedziałek, 26 maja 2014
11:55 Pfizer walks away from $118 billion AstraZeneca takeover fight